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Welcome to Yoga Assets - a yoga teacher training program that will powerfully enhance your personal yoga practice and  provide  you with the tools you need to become a confident and successful yoga teacher.

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If you're reading this page, you're likely researching yoga teacher training programs and looking for one that best suits your needs.

Maybe you're unsure if a yoga teacher training program is right for you at all.  You're just interested in gaining a deeper understanding of yoga, but have no intention of teaching.

Either way, you are welcome to join in our trainings.


Not everyone sets out to be a yoga teacher?

The late American author and poet Maya Angelou once said "We are all teachers whether we know it or not".

When you're living a life of intention, peace, gratitude and personal power - people can't help but to notice.  You become a positive influence on those around you.  You become a teaching presence in the lives of others by your very the life you live.

Intentional or not - you are a teacher.

It's about what's best for you.

First and foremost, it's about developing your personal yoga practice.  It's about going beyond the studio experience and developing a personal philosophy as to "what yoga is" for you.

By exploring the foundations and philosophies of yoga universally, you will become open to the possibilities of how yoga can serve you in living your best life.

Teaching and leading a yoga practice.

The core premise of the work we do at Yoga Assets is to empower you to Teach Yoga Everywhere.  No matter the environment; one person or one-hundred; yoga studio or fitness center; workplace or church; rich or poor; incarcerated or makes no difference.


Upon completion of our 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited program, you will have the tools and the foundation you need to confidently share your yoga practice any place you want - with anyone you want.

At what point will you be qualified to teach yoga?

What separates Yoga Assets from the traditional studio environment is that we want you to begin sharing your yoga practice sooner rather than later.

German author and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is credited with many wise observations regarding human potential.  He said "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them become what they are capable of becoming." 

Within the Yoga Assets community, you are considered a teacher from day one.  You are a teacher in development.  You are at the beginning of ongoing process of learning, discovering and sharing your yoga practice.

Yoga Assets is a transformational yoga teacher training program.  We actively engage students in developing knowledge, skills, critical thinking and communication techniques.  We expect our students to be in action, actively practicing their new skills and sharing their knowledge as the curriculum progresses.

The late author Stephen Covey broke it down like this:

How we learn and retain

10% Reading

20% Hearing

30% Seeing

50% Seeing and Hearing

70% Discussing

80% Experiencing

95% Teaching

Upon completing your 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training requirements, you will receive your teacher certification that will be recognized by Yoga Alliance.  But you most importantly, you will have a very different outlook on the connection between your body and mind.  This course can be a very profound experience.

Yoga Assets is one of the highest rated Yoga Teacher Training programs in the U.S.

We have more than 200 5-Star reviews registered on Yoga Alliance.  You can read all of the reviews here:  Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance

"Yoga Teacher Training has been an incredible experience.  This class has been the most beneficial experience I’ve ever had. " ~Sarah

I am forever changed by all that I have felt, heard, seen, read, moved, learned, and experienced."~Elana

"My experience in Yoga Teacher Training has been life changing and indescribable. It's something that I want to share with every person that I come into contact with." ~Chloe

"As a result of my Yoga Teacher Training, I find myself looking at the world differently. The more I learn, the more I realize there is so much to know about yoga.  ~Jenny


Meet your Lead Instructor, Denise Druce, MPH, E-RYT 500

The term yoga has been used for several thousand years. But the last 50-years has brought more diversity and interpretation than ever before.  You could even say that the last decade has accelerated the modern interpretations of yoga to be hardly recognizable in light of its traditional roots.

It is here, in the evolving nature and dynamic traditions of yoga that you will find the uniqueness of this course led by Denise Druce.  Denise will expose you to this diversity and help you interpret their meaning and purpose.  She'll help you understand their common thread and identify where paths diverge.

Denise served as the head of Yoga Teacher Training at the University of Utah and was a member of the faculty for Exercise and Sport Science for 15-years, teaching students, fitness instructors and athletes.  Denise integrated yoga as part of the athletic training programs for the University of Utah football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, volleyball and ski teams.

Denise has mentored more than 700 yoga teachers and yoga studios around the country and has trained hundreds of instructors in the fitness industry for some of the worlds leading brands.

Denise Druce has dedicated her life to teaching.  She has vast and well-rounded experience that centers on the art of teaching and transforming peoples lives to live healthy, happy and with purpose.

What Students are Saying About Their Experience with Denise Druce

"Denise is amazing.  She makes students feel secure, valuable and appreciated.  I have loved her as an instructor."

"She's an amazing teacher.  Definitely knows what's she's doing!"

"LOVE HER! One of the best teachers I have ever had.  Very patient, kind and knowledgeable. Very easy to talk to and feel comfortable around.  Awesome."

"Very well planned training sessions.  Rigorous, but achievable goals."

"Denise is a fantastic instructor.  She was so inspiring and I enjoyed coming to class every time."

"Denise Druce is an amazing instructor and individual.  I would not change a single thing about this class.  The only suggestion I have is to make it more frequent, it was so fun and effective."

"Best class I've taken!"

"Denise is one of the most effective and inspirational instructors I've ever had."

"Denise has been so caring and interested in the students.  She is encouraging and positive.  I really love her."

"Amazing instructor.  Made me love yoga!"


This is the starting place for yoga teachers to-be, as well as a platform for those who are looking to take a deep-dive into their personal yoga practice.

This training is open to anyone with a 200-hour foundation. It's the next-level progression for yoga leaders and yoga lifestyles.